Animals Have Feelings: The Houston Zoo

Our bus ride to Houston took 24 hours. The country we drove through was so beautiful that I did not feel tired even though the trip was long-in fact the rolling hills, majestic greenery and beautiful skies relaxed me. We had two reasons to go to Houston, first that it was the next zoo on the way back to Los Angeles, and secondly one of my closest friends had moved there from New York some years before. She was an opera singer with the Metropolitan Opera and I had spent many years as her pianist in her practice sessions. As Read More

St. Louis Zoo, Part 1

Looking back, more than 30 years ago it is fascinating to see the changes that have happened – not only to the zoo world, but also to the world in general. The cost of living has changed radically. My husband and I got a room in a small hotel for $13.00 a night in Louisville– an expensive hotel was $36.00! This was the year 1978. There was no internet and people spoke to each other much more openly than they do today .The young people that I meet now carry I-phones with them and except for their own age group, Read More

The Humanity of Animals

We all have experiences in life that remain with us forever. In 1978 I went to Louisville, Kentucky. It was for a special convention of the National Speakers Association. I had been asked to join them because their director, Dottie Walters had heard of my Suck-a-toe lectures in the schools. Dottie thought I might be interested in pursuing a career as a professional lecturer. The idea appealed to me because I wanted to go national with the Suck-a-toe story. At the time in the world of animals much was being said about the “Humanity of Animals”. I had spent six Read More

New Technology

As I wrote in earlier blogs, the internet technology is very new to me. Although I was involved in the very beginning of the use of computers for commercial artists back in 1981, still things have changed so fast and so radically that in many ways I feel I am behind the times. I told an artist friend the other day of my new website. I have a website for my art, but a different website was needed to publicize my memoir, “The Monkey Lady”. A friend who is not only very knowledgeable about technology, but also in helping me Read More