Phoenix Zoo

We left Tucson and caught an early bus to Phoenix. Both Dan and I loved Tucson. It is physically so beautiful surrounded by gorgeous mountains – open and not crowded. Phoenix is different. Although it is not dirty as are many big cities, it has none of the charm of Tucson. We got a very nice motel near the center of town and was astounded to find that the zoo is about fourteen miles away. It sure did not seem that on the map. Believe it or not, until yesterday, there was no bus service to the zoo. You either Read More

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Today we left Albuquerque for Tucson. It was twelve hours on the bus – to say the least, a long day. We started at 7 AM and reached Tucson after two bus changes. However, the beauty of the scenery made up for all the tiredness I felt. It was so wonderful to see the changes in the terrain from Albuquerque. As we came down from Albuquerque it was really exciting to see the variations in the landscape. As we came to Las Cruses it was much flatter country with millions of desert bushes along the way, occasionally dotted by groups Read More

On the Road in Albuquerque, Part 3

As I said in my last blog, we had planned to spend another day at the Albuquerque zoo. This was the first time I had seen any large crowd around an exhibit at this zoo. In the cage was a six month old black bear who was obviously very upset. He kept pacing back and forth and in the cage were three keepers. That in itself was unusual and then as I looked around I saw in the corner of the cage a tiny baby bear, huddled who seemed frightened to death. One of the keepers was attempting to feed Read More

On the Road in Albuquerque, Part 2

I was anxious to visit this zoo for two reasons. Seeing a new zoo and how they operated was very important to me, but there was another reason. One of the zookeepers that I became friendly with at the Dallas zoo told me that I would not like the Albuquerque zoo. He said the only thing he liked about it was the sea lion exhibit. He did not think that it was a quality zoo. I always keep an open mind and knew that only if I saw the zoo and spoke to the people would I have the ability Read More