On the Road in Albuquerque, Part 1

We are now on the road to Albuquerque. The bus ride is a long one – eight hours to Amarillo – a stop over of three hours and another five hours to Albuquerque. The time change is kind of confusing. In Texas we were on Central time making it two hours later than California. New Mexico is on mountain time. We had to turn our clocks back – one hour difference! We arrived in Albuquerque at about 2:30 pm and found a motel near the bus station and the zoo. I am so glad that I planned the maps and Read More

Animals Have Feelings: Dallas Zoo

We took an 8:00 AM bus and arrived in Dallas before 9:00 AM. It is a big city with many tall buildings in the downtown area, but it is very clean. The people are friendly and I liked it. We waited ¾ of an hour for a bus but finally got to the zoo. It is a beautiful zoo – very green with beautiful foliage and inviting. We saw the zoo office at the entrance and walked in, introduced ourselves and met a charming lady in charge of education. She could not see us until 1:00 PM and so let Read More

Animals Have Feelings: The Ft. Worth Zoo

The ride to Ft. Worth was beautiful—six hours. So many people told me that it would be boring – that Texas is so big and there is nothing to see- that the flat lands go on and on. Perhaps because I am an artist, that was not what I experienced. I have never seen more beautiful skies in my life. The clouds were full- voluminous , the sky so blue, the grass so green. We saw many beautiful farms with cows grazing – much flat land with clumps of trees and an occasional single tree. It was all so restful Read More

Animals Have Feelings: San Antonio Zoo

We had heard a lot about San Antonio and I was very anxious to visit the town before we went to the zoo. Frankly I was shocked when I first saw it. I had expected to see a beautiful place. Instead I saw such poverty. It almost made me cry. Then someone we met told us to go downstairs and there we saw an entirely different scene – it was like a city below a city. On the lower level were river boats, beautiful outdoor restaurants, gorgeous trees and all kinds of shops. This river boat traversed the city. We Read More